Aerial Photography

Gary Bilbao Photography is proud to announce aerial photographic services for real estate in New Jersey. Now you can get absolutely fantastic photographs of your property from views that will truly amaze you. These wonderful views are sure to make your property stand out. Aerial views show a professionalism that can surely bring out some of the very best features of your property.

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By Tony Senk

 Back in the day, when you heard the word “drone,” you thought about male honey bees. But, today, “drones” are all the rage. These days, the word is used as slang for anything in the air without a human pilot on board. Drones, mostly used in military services, are now finding use in various civilian operations, such as search and rescue and weather analysis. And now, through the use of drone cameras, they are also providing a sky-high boost to the businesses of real estate and real estate photography. A camera attached to an airborne drone can provide a birds-eye view of a house, property, and the surrounding area, providing a prospective homebuyer a unique and telling look at the property they might one day like to call their own.

That’s where Gary Bilbao comes in. Mr. Bilbao is a photographer in Lincroft with an eye to the sky. With his drone camera, he has photographed a number of properties – and his aerial photos have delighted his clients and realtors who have incorporated his photos and videos into their arsenal of sales tools to woo potential homebuyers. In addition to the more conventional weddings and portraits that pepper his website, Mr. Bilbao has found that real estate photography, through the use of his drone camera, has proven to be profitable, and, in many cases, just what the home seller or homebuyer ordered.

“Drone cameras are perfect for real estate photography,” he said. “From the realtor’s perspective, it provides a view of a house where their client can see all the property in relation to nearby parks, schools, beaches, town centers, and transportation hubs. You can zoom in and zoom out with the camera to get various views of the property and its surroundings. Admittedly, the use of a drone camera might not be as useful in the middle of a city, but it’s just made for rural areas like Monmouth or Ocean Counties, where there are estates with a lot of property.”

 Mr. Bilbao said his prospective clients often ask him if taking photos or videos from a drone camera is legal. He explained that last month, the Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA) updated their rules on drones, considering their growing-by-the-day popularity. FAA regulations say you can’t fly above 400 feet, you must keep the drone in your sight at all times, cannot operate near people and crowds, and not fly it within five miles of an airport; all stipulations that are very easy with which to comply when it comes to using a drone camera.

Drone cameras can shoot both still images and video. With the skilled talents of photographers like Mr. Bilbao, who can create a slide show seamlessly weaving in short pieces of video, a uniquely visual eye-popping presentation can be only a day or two away. He said he spent less than $1,500 on his drone with a camera, and after quickly learning how to work the joysticks for proper and safe operation on land, he was off to the races! To date, he has provided aerial presentations of houses and properties for a number of area realtors and says he receives two or three calls a week from prospective clients seeking his specialty work.

 “After I get my images and video, I bring the drone and camera into my house,” said Mr. Bilbao. “I plug the camera into the computer, do some editing, and soon, there’s an aerial slide show of still images and some video showing a house and the surrounding property, all in one neat and coherent presentation.”

 It seems clear that, in the world of real estate photography, the use of drone cameras is an idea that has really taken off! To contact Gary Bilbao, call (908) 915-9943 or e-mail His website is